Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Are your kids fed up with yogurt?

Mine are. Good for you it may be, but of late yogurt has lost its appeal in our house.

Not wanting to succomb to the usual pressure to buy Finlay the Fire Engine yogurts or Suck-Me-Squeeze-Me Bratz yogurts (okay they don't exist but they're sure to be in the pipeline),  I decided to opt for my usual trick of Disguising Food Items. It worked with vegetables (blenders at the ready!), so what could I do to improve yogurt?

This is my answer and it works. Make it out of sight to preserve the mystery. Kids can't believe it when they come to tea at our house and I say "Would you like a yogurt for pudding?" (safe option) and then emerge from the kitchen with this:

1. Get a yogurt your kids normally like. Do not spend a fortune. Buy organic if you feel you need to. I have found French Set yogurts are quite cheap and seem to go down well.

2. Find a nice glass or beaker. I use cocktail glasses (they might as well get some use, they sure ain't being filled with Cosmopolitans on a regular basis). Whatever you feel is safe or you don't mind being knocked over.

3. Break up a biscuit or part of a biscuit into the bottom of the glass. I have used ginger biscuits, shortbread or even boudoir fingers. Just a bit.   

4. Top with spoonfuls of yogurt, however much your child is likely to eat.

5. Sprinkle a few chocolate sprinkles on the top.


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  1. What a great idea! Alice also has yoghurt burn out!! I will try this


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