Tuesday, 13 April 2010

More Bills than New Baby Cards #3

Baby swings and baby door-bouncers have a time-limited use because they are only suitable up to a certain weight, so try to borrow rather than buy, or put a wanted ad on freecycle.

Save space in your baby’s room and several hundred pounds by changing your baby on a changing mat on the floor, rather than buying a changing table. It is also safer, because he can’t fall off the floor once he starts wriggling about.

If you are handy with a sewing machine, or have a talented friend who wants to make you a present, it is possible to create a unique and stylish baby changing bag without the designer price tag. Deena Beverley features a funky baby bag in Brilliant Bags that you can adapt to suit your favourite colours and personal style. According to a survey by Egg, parents spend around £715 a year per child on toys. Babies don’t need a lot of expensive toys; they’re more interested in the world around them and in everyday objects. Make your baby a treasure basket for exploring. Babies often want to put everything into their mouths, so make sure that everything you choose for the basket is safe and clean, and stay with your baby while he plays with each item. The purpose is to offer interest through smell, taste, sound, touch and sight; far more inspiring and eco-friendly than plastic, battery-operated toys (and less annoying!).

What to put inside the treasure basket:

Natural objects –, avocado stone, lime, pear, fir cones, big shells, large walnuts, pumice stone

Objects made from natural material – woollen pompom, little baskets, brushes (test bristles are firmly attached)

Wood – spoons, egg cups, bowls, pegs, napkin rings

Metal – spoons, tin lids, garlic press, bunch of keys

Odds and ends – little notebooks, small purses, small cardboard boxes, inside of kitchen rolls, velvet material

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  1. Mine are never happier than with a bucket of water in the garden or the contents of my tupperware cupboard if indoors. You're spot on Alison.


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