Saturday, 10 July 2010

Top ten websites recommended by my kids

  1. to design your own garden and watch it grow as Spring changes to Summer.
  2. for Miffy games, colouring sheets, music and screensavers.
  3. for games, ecards, clips and wallpapers.
  4. to read Maisie stories.
  5. for a game in which  you can make a cow sound like a flushing toilet.
  6. for the yoga poses found in Waybuloo.
  7. to play Mister Maker art and craft games.
  8. for a guided tour of the Night Garden featuring yourself on webcam.
  9. to create your own Disney fairy and play in Pixie Hollow.
  10. to meet the flower fairies, plan a party and do activities.

1 comment:

  1. Another great site the Kids will really love is It features tons of fun activities, crafts, printables, online stories, online coloring and more. Moms love it too for the Parenting section. Run by two Moms.


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