Sunday, 16 June 2013

It's that time again...

It's that time again! I just thought I'd come down the ladder from our roofspace (where we are stripping out the lath and plaster floor of our loft) and let you know it is time to link up your posts at the Creative Home Acre Hop hosted by Andrea from Opulent CottageKathy from Creative Home ExpressionsMary from Back to the Basics and Mary’s KitchenMe, Alison, from MumtopiaManuela from A Cultivated Nestand Lisa Lynn from The Self Sufficient HomeAcre!)

That means that when you link up your posts each week, they will be viewed by even more people! Each host will be sharing her own picks for Featured Bloggers. This gives everyone a better chance of being featured and increases your exposure to new readers. Be sure to check all of our blogs to see if you were featured!

Please note that we have made a slight change to our requirements. Please link up no more than 3 posts per blog each week. Thanks!

Which is the Featured Post this week?

I chose Wilker Do's DIY Sliding Barn Door because I am so impressed by April Wilkerson's technical and creative skills, and also the very thorough way she explains this BIG project. Well done, April. I'm inspired to improve my DIY skills further, having seen your work.

Thanks to all of the talented bloggers who linked up last week! If you would like to be featured, be sure to link back to the hop! When you get featured, do grab the button below and wear it with pride!

The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

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What shall I link up about? 
Share up to 3 of your Creative Home posts featuring:-
·       photography 
·       creative writing 
·       home cooking
·       eco-friendly crafts 
·       home decor 
·       vintage finds 
·       objects d’art
·       textile arts and sewing 
·       farm girl fashion 
·       thrifty tips
·       food preservation and gardening helpers 
·       hand made ‘wholesomeness’
·       and good ol’ fashioned homemaking news. 

If you have a creative side, I’d love to see what you’ve been working on! Etsy sellers are welcome to share here too. 

The Self Sufficient HomeAcre
How do I get the chance to be featured?
Please link back to the hop in your post. If you don’t take a couple of seconds to do this, you won’t be featured. I’ve created a button for you to grab (left), or you can use a text link in your post. Thanks for sharing the hop with others!

Should I leave comments?
Pretty please, with cherries on top, go visit as many of the other bloggers posting as you can! The whole point of a hop is to build a community of like minded bloggers who share and support each other. We all love to hear from our visitors, so please leave thoughtful and kind comments when you visit! And if you're new, why not introduce yourself via the comments section at the bottom of this post? It will be lovely to meet you.

Does it have to be a brand new post?
No. You are welcome to link your archived posts here, as long as all of the content you share is your own.    

How many times can I link up the same post?      
Link your posts once. Please do not link the same post you linked last week or to ones you've already linked up on The Home Acre's other bloghops! Let’s keep it fresh and fun!  
What else do I need to know?
By linking your posts here you are agreeing to let us share your post and images on social media and our blogs.

Happy hopping! Let's see what creative stuff you've got to share this week! 
Back up the ladder I go!

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