Thursday, 25 July 2013

Holy Grail Cooking #6: Soft Focus Flapjacks

Flapjacks are hardly going to be served if you have tea at The Ritz, but they can be made even more inexpensive by tweaking the recipe a little. 

I followed Gill Holcombe's recipe from How to Feed your Whole Family a Healthy Balanced Diet with very Little Money...(£9.99, HowToBooks), which you can find here. Holcombe's version is easy enough for Prima to try, with a fair amount of help/ supervision from me, and the result was popular with the whole family. Flapjacks can also be made any time of year, since none of the ingredients are seasonal, and are the kind of wholesome-ish sweet thing you can probably rustle up from your storecupboard. 

Cost-cutting tips:

1. Use supermarket own-brand porridge oats. Asda Smart Price porridge oats are just 75p for 1kg. Alternatively, use cheap Swiss-style muesli and then don't add any extra dried fruit. 

2. Instead of just using butter, use half butter and half margarine, or vegetable fat spread, such as "Best for Baking".

3. If clear honey is cheaper than golden syrup (per gram), go for the honey.

4. Look for bargain-priced dried fruit (sultanas, apricots, dates).

5. Add chopped nuts and mixed seeds only if they are cheap.

6. Grease your tin with butter paper and, if it is too large, make a sort of dam out of tin-foil, between the mixture and the edge of the tin.

7. To keep the flapjacks soft and moist instead of teeth-breaking, bake in a cool oven.

8. Once cooled, use supermarket own-brand plain chocolate (melted) to drizzle over the top, or omit this step altogether.

9. Don't waste your whole creation by cutting the flapjacks up before they are cooled. If you aren't patient and don't wait til they have cooled completely, you will just end up with crumbly, buttery, glorified muesli. 

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