Saturday, 7 September 2013

Could a Cereal Packet help Your Morning Routine?

Every September, it's the same. THIS term, I tell myself, there will be no shouting "shoes!" or "teeth!" at regular intervals from 8.00 a.m. 'til we leave the house at 8.35 (often having to turn round and come back for a forgotten lunchbag). I won't need my best diplomatic skills just to convince Secundus there is a right way round to wear a school sweater. 

THIS term, the Evacuees will come home without permanent marker on their shirts and will eat up a nutritionally-balanced packed lunch every day, with glee and appreciation. They will shun television, SURELY, and instead engage in sparkling conversation whilst helping with the dishes.


Not in my house either.

One thing that HAS helped this week, however, is these morning routine lists. There are plenty of similar printables available out there on the internet, but I figured that, by the time I'd got Old Man PC fired up and the printer too, I might as well make them myself.

You can adapt these lists to whatever you need your kids to do prior to leaving the house for school, and, if you leave plenty of space and laminate them, you can add extra tasks as necessary. If we have time in the morning, for example, I will write "Clear the breakfast things", or "Bring down dirty washing". The ones I have written down are the basic, everyday tasks that don't change. 

All you really need to do is write your child's morning routine on the back of a cereal packet and cover it with sticky-backed plastic. However, to make them a bit more eye-catching, write on coloured paper, then stick to your cereal packet. Use a different colour for each child, and write their name on too. Add a border with decorative tape, make sure you've written down all the tasks you'll need on a daily basis, and add tick-boxes, then cover with sticky-backed plastic.

Use a dry-wipe marker to add further tasks and to tick the boxes. In our house, once all the boxes are ticked, each Evacuee gets a sticker for their House Fairy reward chart, and morning times are a whole lot more peaceful. So far. 


  1. Mornings can be hectic can't they!?
    It seems like by the time we are getting our routine straight the year is nearly over.I am going to try this technique. I hope it helps!

    1. Really hope it helps, Tracy! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great suggestions! Thank you for sharing them at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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