Monday, 2 September 2013

Frugal Bugle #4: QMee

Qmee is a new way to search for things on the internet and earn cash rewards at the same time. Instead of getting nothing for your searches, you fill your piggybank with every click. Search for stuff you actually want, using your favourite search page just as you always have. It works in Amazon, Ebay, Google, Bing and Yahoo. You'll see all the usual listings, with Qmee as an extra set of results on the left. If you find what you want in the normal listings, that’s fine. But if a Qmee listing is relevant and you click on it, a few coins will drop into your virtual piggybank. You can see how much you're going to earn, before you click on the Qmee listing link.

I've earned a couple of quid so far - it isn't a big money-spinner - but I like the fact that I don't have to to anything different. Unlike Swagbucks' toolbar, which has since been replaced by a Chrome extension, it doesn't slow down my computer, and I can cash out my piggybank any time (there isn't a minimum amount to earn). 

Fancy earning a bit of cash in your paypal account when you search online? Join up to Qmee hereIf you often wonder where all of your money goes or if you need a more frugal mindset, check out Dig out Of Debt and learn more about how to keep more of your money.

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