Wednesday, 2 October 2013

31 Days of Nothing: October

I hereby declare that I am undertaking the 31 Days of Nothing challenge, which means there will be no spending on:

* Eating at restaurants.  Eating out is expensive. You can make delicious wholesome meals at home in minutes for the entire family for less than the cost of one person eating out. Check out the Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus e-book for ideas.

* Takeaways. We never get take-out, not since the children were born, but I have sometimes been tempted. I make sure we've always got basics in the store cupboard so that, however tired we are, or pushed for time, we can still have something like eggs or beans on toast.

* Coffees/ snacks to go. I am a real coffee fiend but rarely treat myself to a cuppa at a cafe. Instead I use a flask or insulated mug.

* Clothing. Hell. I just collected a pair of dungarees I bought last week online with a 25% off voucher from New Look and saw today that they are HALF PRICE in the sale. That'll teach me.

* Hobbies–crafts, golf, etc. No more buying fabric until I have used up at least half my stash. Same goes for papercrafts. The answer is to not go anywhere near shops. 

* Exercise eg. gym membership. I am lucky enough to attend a WEA yoga class for people with mental health issues for free each week, but I also go to Keep Fit once a week. The class costs £5 but it has such physical and emotional benefits that I think it is money well spent.

* Entertainment. We will not be renewing our Lovefilm subscription when it expires later this week. I will listen to music online rather than buying CDs or mp3 tracks.

* Toys. The kids will have to wait til Christmas.

* Toiletries. I have enough to last about a year. Ridiculous but true.

* Alcohol. On the wagon so this is no problem.

 * Lottery Tickets, raffle tickets. Hardly ever buy these so this won't be difficult.

* Furniture. None required and the King can make most things himself.

* Purely decorative items. I guess this includes jewellery and I just bought myself a ring last week ... I will keep away from Etsy!

* Cleaning or laundry products. We have plenty and can make our own.

Non-reusable sanitary products


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