Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Made In Britain #1: Summerlovin' with woohoo!

Like mousetraps and nit combs, personal lubricant may be an item that you never expected to find on your shopping list.

Even though vaginal dryness (there, I've said it) affects one in five women before the age of fifty, and HALF of post-menopausal women, it's a symptom that we may find difficult to discuss with our partners and our GP. For this reason, even if we do decide to buy personal lubricant, we are often embarrassed about getting advice on what to pick, plus - unlike with salad dressing, for example - it's not a product label many of us will stand around reading and comparing. With lubricant, it might be a matter of choosing the first one you see, or the brand that you know, and hiding it in your shopping basket while queuing to pay with a "don't look at me" expression.

Approx £6 for 50ml
Ironically, personal lubricant can contain ingredients which irritate the skin. Glycols and glycerine are common culprits, but you may also find parabens, flavourings, perfumes and artificial colours in even well-known brands. As our intimate areas absorb more than 60% of the chemicals we put on it, this might make you think twice about ignoring the product label. Yes, it's a crazy man's world we live in, but all is not lost.

woohoo! is a new organic lubricant that's water-based and contains none of the nasties mentioned above. Approved by The Soil Association, it is available from Boots stores and online, and is made in Shrewsbury.

As I get older I realise more and more how incredibly complex we women are, and how sensitive our bodies can be to the time of the month, the age that we are, even the weather. Many of these things which affect us are beyond our control. So it's good to find out about an environmentally-friendly solution to a little-discussed issue that most of us suffer from at least one point in our lives. A product that is on our side: woohoo!


  1. I have been concerned about the ingredients in conventional lubricants for a long time so I don't use them. Wohoo is such an essential natural personal care product to have access to. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful non-toxic, organic lubricant with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I appreciate it. I am pinning and sharing this!


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